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CPCS A61 Appointed Person - Lifting Operations

Where - Ashford, Tonbridge venue Start date - 14 Jan 2019 Available places - 4 persons

Pre-requisites: Candidates must have successfully passed the CSCS Health, Safety and Environment touchscreen test within the past two years. Course Duration: - Days One to Three: Theory and practical training - Day Four: CPCS theory and practical tests Course Content: During the training course, candidates will learn to: - Explain the duties and responsibilities of: an Appointed Person, a Crane Supervisor, a Crane Operator, a Slinger Signaller, a Crane Erector and maintenance personnel - State basic requirements of legislation, regulations, and codes of practice that relate to all types of lifting duties - Identify the requirements for basic, standard and complex lifts - State requirements to be followed when planning the lifting of persons - Explain additional requirements for loads to be lifted from height - Describe notification, liaising and reporting procedures to statutory, authority, and utility bodies when affected by the lifting operation, i.e. works, railways, highways, airfields, etc. Identify different types of cranes, and explain their lifting capabilities and limitations for given lifting operations - Explain maintenance, inspections, thorough examination and testing requirements for lifting equipment and accessories - Describe setting up, erection, levelling and dismantling requirements for different types of lifting equipment and lifts - Calculate lifting equipment point loadings/outrigger loadings, spreader mat types and sizes from given information - Explain the function and use off, and use information provided by RCIs and anti-collision systems - Select the correct crane for specific specified lifts and utilise accessories inc: swing-aways, stingers, powered boom extensions etc. extra ballast plus duties charts, range diagrams and specification sheets - List different types of lifting accessories and explain typical applications - Identify and explain relevant information relating to different types of lifting accessories i.e. markings, certificates and thorough examination reports, etc. - Calculate sling sizes and angles - Explain slinging techniques for given loads including balanced, unbalanced and loose - Specify appropriate lifting accessories for given types of loads - Identify weights and centres of gravity for different types of loads - Describe and demonstrate different types of communication methods for lifting purposes - State the need to complete a reflective report following a typical lifting operation - Identify potential proximity and underground hazards from given plans and drawings - Identify and plan an area, with exclusion zones for different, given lifting operations incorporating safe access/egress routes for before, during and after the lift - State requirements that allow safe site access and egress for typical lifting equipment - Construct a safe system of work by constructing risk assessments, method statements and lift plans using given information - Prepare and explain pre-prepared lift plan information to others involved in a lifting operation i.e. crane supervisor, crane operator, slinger signaller etc. - Specify positioning of a crane, load and other limiting factors in relation to fixed objects - Evaluate and explain how environmental factors and the surrounding area, external to the lift zone, can affect the planned lifting operation Certification: Upon successful completion of the course, candidates will receive a CPCS Trained Operator 'Red' card which is valid for two years.

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Ample parking outside the main office and the overflow area with Westenhanger Train Station approximately 500 metres away. We are 40 minutes on the train from St Pancras via Ashford International Train Station.. Hot drinks are provided and we have a microwave to heat food. There are food outlet available within 10 minutes of the centre.

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Hot drinks are provided and we have a microwave to heat food. There are food outlet available within 10 minutes of the centre.

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  • Price (per person) 995
  • 14 Jan 2019
  • Plant Training
  • Start: 8am
  • Ashford, Tonbridge
  • 4

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